AC/DC please stop
May 01, 2016

AC/DC please stop

ACDC, I love them. But its come to a point now that this quotation is apt.

Let’s say you have an ax. Just a cheap one, from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day, you use said axe to behead a man. Don’t worry, the man was already dead. Or maybe you should worry, because you’re the one who shot him.

He had been a big, twitchy guy with veiny skin stretched over swollen biceps, a tattoo of a swastika on his tongue. And you’re chopping off his head because, even with eight bullet holes in him, you’re pretty sure he’s about to spring back to his feet and eat the look of terror right off your face.

On the follow-through of the last swing, though, the handle of the axe snaps in a spray of splinters. You now have a broken axe. So, after a long night of looking for a place to dump the man and his head, you take a trip into town with your axe. You go to the hardware store, explaining away the dark reddish stains on the broken handle as barbecue sauce. You walk out with a brand new handle for your axe.

The repaired axe sits undisturbed in your garage until the next spring when, on one rainy morning, you find in your kitchen a creature that appears to be a foot-long slug with a bulging egg sac on its tail. Its jaws bite one of your forks in half with what seems like very little effort. You grab your trusty axe and chop the thing into several pieces. On the last blow, however, the axe strikes a metal leg of the overturned kitchen table and chips out a notch right in the middle of the blade.

Of course, a chipped head means yet another trip to the hardware store. They sell you a brand new head for your axe. As soon as you get home with your newly-headed axe, though, you meet the reanimated body of the guy you beheaded last year. He’s also got a new head, stitched on with what looks like plastic weed trimmer line, and it’s wearing that unique expression of “you’re the man who killed me last winter” resentment that one so rarely encounters in everyday life.

You brandish your axe. The guy takes a long look at the weapon with his squishy, rotting eyes and in a gargly voice he screams, “That’s the same axe that slayed me!”
Is he right?

That’s from John Dies at the End. Which if you have not seen yet, you’re boob. But it deals with an axe and ACDC is now dealing with and Axel. Gettid? … ok, I’m sorry.

But the fact is now Axel Rose is now the front man of ACDC since Brian Johnson had to quit due to medical problems. Basically he’s losing his hearing which is not surprising considering he’s been exposed to so much FUCKING METAL. He was a worthy replacement for the great Bon Scott after he passed away in 1980. But now they put in Axel Rose and I think that’s pretty crap.

Now don’t get me wrong, Axel taught me how to rock out with my cock out. But when it comes to ACDC? Nah mate, nah. What is it now? ACDC or Guns and Roses? Or is it now just a tribute band?

I think it’s time for ACDC to call it a day. Die with a legendary status or end up being like INXS and dying like a bunch of fuckwits. And it seems I am not the only one who thinks this.

AC/DC fans outraged at the thought of Axl Rose stepping in for Brian Johnson have finally been offered refunds.

UK concert goers with tickets for the band’s London and Manchester gigs in June have the opportunity to request their money back but must do so before 5pm on Friday 6 May.

See Tickets emailed ticket holders to inform them of the latest development after many expressed anger when Rose was announced to replace Johnson on medical grounds. Other ticket companies are also offering refunds.





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Two white male students suing for discrimination

And rightly so! Seems these guys have been done by harshly.

The case stems from a May 2013 incident in which Ms Prior asked three students to leave an indigenous-only computer lab at the university, prompting one of them, Alex Wood, who is also being sued, to post, “Just got kicked out of the unsigned Indigenous computer room. QUT stopping segregation with segregation?” on Facebook.

The post attracted a string of comments, some of which were critical of the existence of the indigenous-only lab, including one from Mr Powell who wrote, “I wonder where the white supremacist lab is..”.

Ms Prior is not mentioned by name in any of the posts but went on leave following the incident and is suing the three students and the university for almost $250,000 in lost wages and general damages, plus future economic loss.

She later claimed she felt unsafe leaving her home due to fears of being verbally abused and was unable to return to work in a role requiring face-to-face contact with white people.


Apparently complaining on facebook that they were kicked out of the indigenous-only computer lab allegedly makes them racist. Because if you mention white supremacists then you are obviously a racist, right? Which kind of makes this even sadder; and I get what he was saying. Because they probably would have been more welcome in a computer lab run by nazis fucks. What happened to us all trying to be equal and shit?

Congratulations humans, you have officially gone full retard.




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What the fuck Queensland?? Weed is as bad as Heroin??!

In the eyes of the Queensland government, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between a recreational pothead and a Trainspotting-style junkie. This is thanks to an amendment put forth by the state’s Attorney-General Yvette D’ath. If passed, the new laws will ditch the current drug scheduling system, which recognises that different narcotics pose different risks, and will simply lump all illegal drugs together under the same blanket legislation. This could potentially happen as soon as August.


Honestly, what a bunch of backward fucktards. In one state we have it being allowed for medical use, while another wants to class it as one of the worst drugs. Fucking. SPECIAL.


Lore- A podcast about true scary stories.

Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Each episode examines a new dark tale from history, and presents it in a style that’s been compared to a campfire experience. And with over 2,900 5-star reviews and 2 million monthly listens, that’s clearly a good thing.

Our fears have roots. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares.

Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

Look, I won’t lie, I started this last night and one of the episodes I listened to was giving me chills.

Here’s the website. Episodes are available to download, listen to online, and are also on iTunes.


Researchers working near the Mariana Trench have captured footage of a jellyfish that boggles the imagination.

Earlier this week, researchers working on the NOAA’s ship Okeanos Explorer dispatched their remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer to the Enigma Seamount, a ridge located just west of the Mariana Trench. At a depth of 2.3 miles (3.7 km), it managed to capture video of this rather remarkable jellyfish.



Inside Chernobyl's destroyed reactor

These days some editions try to commemorate Chernobyl incident or how they say in Russia “Chernobyl Catastrophe”. The reason is because it happened exactly thirty years ago, in April 1986. So we decided to post something too. We posted the best spooky shots we could get our hands on. The story is as follows. Just four years after the incident, in year 1990, Russian photographer goes straight inside the destroyed reactor building, the most dangerous place in Chernobyl and took those photos. Scary.



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