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Apple may have had Youtuber's channel taken down because he showed how to fix their crap

Those who prefer to do their own repairs may also be losing a valuable resource. Louis Rossmann’sYouTube channel has been an invaluable source of detailed tutorials for DIY repairs, some of them detailing how to perform component replacements rather than the whole-board approach typically taken by Apple Stores. But in a somewhat vague video posted last night, Rossmann indicates that they may be about to disappear.

While Rossmann doesn’t say so explicitly, he implies that he has received a takedown notice for his videos, and Reddit is speculating that Apple may be behind it.


I hate Apple. That is no secret. I think that their products are over-priced and the users are fools for buying them. Yup, your iphone makes me disappointed in you as a person. No decent tech, nerd or geek uses an Apple. They are the Fischer-Price level of tech and I poop at them. If you claim to be a geek and use an Apple computer, then you are a disappointment to you ancestors. Yeah, they sell well and are popular. But so was Jim Jones and Bill Cosby.

sad pants

Sadness Pants

But the main reason I hate this company is that they are EVIL. Look at this guy. Doing his thing, giving Apple shit and showing people how to repair their crap tech. Now he’s been given some sad-pants from Apple over it. Disclaimer, I could be jumping the gun on this as there’s not much information out. But it looks like all his videos where hit by a take down.

Apple has done this shit before. They sued Think Secret out of existence after they published some leaked info. They sued Apple insider for the same thing. Fuck, they even gave shit to the legendary Carl Sagan. RUDE!!!!!

I’m ranting aren’t I? Ok, I will stop. I promised my mum I would stop doing this.

So read the source. Make up your own mind. Whatever.

Bloody Apple. *grumble grumble*

Oh but what about Google for being douche bags for taking down the video? OH DON’T GET ME S*



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Artist films herself having sex. Because Rape.

His large, veiny hand forcefully pushes her face down to the side, his thumb pressed hard into her cheek.

The screen then flashes to black.

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Melbourne artist Sophia Hewson has filmed herself in what she calls a “self-orchestrated rape representation”.

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Um, I don’t understand.